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Size (And Sound) Matters When It Comes To Bubbles

The researchers say some French scientists in the room weren't ecstatic about their findings. "They were all basically horrified that we'd even think to put champagne into a Styrofoam cup."
Scientists at the University of Texas listened to the bubbles in a champagne and a sparkling wine and found that the more expensive product had smaller, busier bubbles.

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Making math more Lego-like

One of our most popular stories of 2017: A trio of Harvard researchers developed a new, graphic mathematical language.
A trio of Harvard researchers has developed a new 3-D pictorial language for mathematics with potential as a tool across a wide spectrum, from pure math to physics.

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"Applied Science is more exacting than Pure Science."--Prof. David Kerridge 連接器介紹 (connectors) 2017-11-08 陳祖林

I would also have to explain why (as Shewhart's said) "Applied Science is more exacting than Pure Science."--Prof. David Kerridge
再接再勵: 195 連接器介紹 2017-11-08 陳祖林 日期:2017年11月8日(周三 ),10:00~ 14:30 地址:台北市新生南路三段88號2樓C 電話:(02) 23650127… YOUTUBE.C...

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Drug Company Under Fire After Revealing Dengue Vaccine May Harm Some. The World's First Dengue Vaccine Was Just Approved..Single protein at the root of dengue's virulence

dengue. (熱)
An acute, infectious tropical disease caused by an arbovirus transmitted by mosquitoes, and characterized by high fever, rash, headache, and severe muscle and joint pain. Also called breakbone feverdandy fever ; Also called dengue fever.[American Spanish, alteration (influenced by dengue, affectation) of Swahili -dinga.]例:
But in the past week alone, the country has suffered no fewer than three earthquakes, and hospitals in the area around Jakarta have reported a surge in cases of dengue, another fast-spreading and often deadly disease.


Drug Company Under Fire After Revealing Dengue Vaccine May Harm Some


A promising vaccine for dengue fever is in limbo after the Philippines suspended its use amid widespread public anger and fears about its safety.


It's a huge step toward preventing an infection that puts half of the world’s population at risk.

It comes after 20 years of research.

2015.9.15 登革熱研究的突破,或可發展出疫苗。

A research team led by UC Berkeley molecular virologist Eva Harris made a breakthrough that could save some of the 22,000 people a year who die from dengue. About 390 million people are infected annually with the virus, which is primarily spread by Aedes mosquitoes.
由加州大學伯克利分校分子病毒學家 Eva 哈裡斯率領的研究團隊突破了可以挽救一些人員 2.2 萬人患登革熱死一年。約 3 億 9000 萬人每年感染了病毒,主要由伊蚊傳播。

Blocking this protein may prevent the virus' lethal effects, and ultimately may lead to a vaccine.

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Coffee physics: Layering in café lattes yields insight

A latte is more than your delicious daily dose of caffeine. Princeton researchers have found that how a latte forms its layers could bring insights to other liquid formations, such as the ocean, medicine and more.
In the lab of Howard Stone, researchers are honing techniques for yielding sought-after layers by flowing liquids into each other could reduce costs and complexity in a range of applications.

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William Derham (1657 –1735):張文亮 ;Wikipedia 英日文版

  德漢(William Derham,1657-1735)是一個非常奇特的人,他對於大自然的現象不僅善於觀察,而且喜歡用數字去量化。例如,他經常在清晨,陽光不熾烈時,觀察太陽。1702年,他發現太陽上出現二個黑色的斑點,持續1.5分鐘之久,直到他不能用望眼鏡再觀測。他稱這斑點為「太陽黑子」,這是對太陽黑子第一篇的研究報告。同年,他成為英國皇家科學會的會員。
  不久,他又提出光速與聲速的測定方法。他對光速測定的準確,幫助牛頓(Isaac Newton, 1642-1727)發現萬有引力定律。牛頓在「原理」(Principal)一書上,特別為此向他致謝。德漢的研究發現,另有一個收穫──皇家科學會司考特(George Scott)欣賞他,將女兒嫁給他。
因這需要,他的研究也逐漸轉向生物學領域。不久,他發現有些生物的外形非常相似,卻不能互相交配繁殖。他首先提出生物分類上有「近緣種」(sibling species)的存在,這對生物種間的變異,是先驅性的發現。
由於學校的收入不多,博物館難以維持。物理學大師波義耳(Robert Boyle, 1627-1691)逝世時,將遺產成立「波義耳講座」。這個講座只有一個主題──「物理學與上帝的關係」,牛頓擔任波義耳講座的主席,聘請德漢來擔任講座老師,資助博物館。

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
William Derham
William Derham.jpg
18th century tableau of William Derham
Born26 November 1657
Stoulton, Worcestershire
Died5 April 1735 (aged 77)
Alma materTrinity College, Oxford
Known forNatural theology;
Estimate of speed of sound
AwardsFellow of the Royal Society
Scientific career
InfluencesJohn Ray
William Derham FRS (26 November 1657 – 5 April 1735)[1] was an English clergyman, natural theologian and natural philosopher. He produced the earliest, reasonably accurate estimate of the speed of sound.


William Derham was the son of Thomas Derham. He was born at Stoulton, in Worcestershire, England. He was educated at BlockleyGloucestershire and at Trinity College, Oxford from 1675 to 1679.[1]He was ordained on 29 May 1681. In 1682, he became vicar of WargraveBerkshire and from 1689 to 1735 he was Rector at UpminsterEssex. While at Upminster, in 1716 he became a Canon of Windsor and the vestry minutes show that thereafter he divided his time between those two places. The parish registers of Upminster record his burial at St. Laurence's in 1735. However, the precise site of his grave is unknown and, in accordance with his wishes, there is no memorial to him in the church.[2]


Title page of 1723 edition of Derham's Physico-Theology
In 1696, he published his Artificial Clockmaker, which went through several editions. The best known of his subsequent works are Physico-Theology, published in 1713; Astro-Theology, 1714; and Christo-Theology, 1730. All three of these books are teleologicalarguments for the being and attributes of God, and were used by William Paleynearly a century later. However, these books also include quantities of original scientific observations. For example, Physico-Theology contains his recognition of natural variation within species and that he knew that Didelphis virginialis (the Virginia opossum) was the only marsupial in North America. It also includes one of the earliest theoretical descriptions of a marine chronometer, accompanied by a discussion of the use of vacuum seals to reduce inaccuracies in the operation of timepieces.[3]
Similarly, Astro-Theology includes several newly identified nebulae (this was the name used at the time for all extended astronomical objects: some of his nebulae are what we would now call star clusters). His 16-feet long telescope (also used when measuring the velocity of sound) was at the top of the tower of St Laurence's Church, where the necessary doors are still in place.[2]
On 3 February 1703, Derham was elected Fellow of the Royal Society. He was Boyle lecturer in 1711–1712. His last known work, entitled A Defence of the Church's Right in Leasehold Estates, appeared as early as 1731.
But besides the works published in his own name, Derham contributed a variety of papers to the Transactions of the Royal Society. He revised the Miscellanea Curiosa. He edited the correspondence and wrote a biography of John Ray, whose 'physico-theology' (natural theology) tradition he continued, making him an early parson-naturalist.[4]
He edited Eleazar Albin's Natural History, and published some of the manuscripts of the scientist Robert Hooke. His meteorological observations at Upminster (in the Transactions of the Royal Society) are amongst the earliest series in England.

Speed of sound[edit]

In 1709 Derham published a more accurate measure of the speed of sound, at 1,072 Parisian feet per second.[5]Derham used a telescope from the tower of the church of St Laurence, Upminster to observe the flash of a distant shotgun being fired, and then measured the time until he heard the gunshot with a half second pendulum. Measurements were made of gunshots from a number of local landmarks, including North Ockendon church. The distance was known by triangulation, and thus the speed that the sound had travelled was calculated.[2]


  • The Artificial Clockmaker (1696)
--- (1734 edition)
Physico-theology, or a Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God (1723 edition)
Christo-Theology: Or, a Demonstration of the Divine Authority of the Christian Religion (1730 edition)
Astro-theology: or, A demonstration of the being and attributes of God, from a Survey of the Heavens (1731 edition)

ウィリアム・デラム(William Derham、1657年11月26日 - 1735年4月5日[1]イギリスの聖職者、科学者、著述家である。「自然神学」の著作などを残した。比較的正確な音速の計測をしたことでも知られる。


1696年に、著書、"Artificial Clockmaker"を出版し、これは何度か再刊された。代表作は、『物理神学』("Physico-Theology":1713年)、『天文神学』("Astro-Theology":1714年)、『キリスト教神学』("Christo-Theology": 1730年)の3部作である。自然の仕組みを説明し、さまざまな自然が人間に奉仕するように、神が意図的に計画しているという立場にたった著作である[3]。これらの著作には、いくつかの独自の科学的知見が記述されていた。例えば、時計の精度を向上させるために温度の伝達を防ぐために真空にするにすることの検討などが含まれていた。『天文神学』には教会に16フィートの長さの望遠鏡を使って観測したいくつかの新しい星雲について記述していた[2]
音速の測定については、天文観測に用いた、望遠鏡で、教会の塔から友人が散弾銃を撃つのを観測し、発射から音が聞こえるまでの時間を0.5秒周期の振り子で測定し、毎秒1,072パリフィート(1 Parisian ft.=0.324m で347m/secとなり、音速340.29m/secに近い)という値を1709年に発表した[4][2]
1703年に王立協会フェローに選ばれ、王立協会で多くの論文を発表し、同時代の博物学者ジョン・レイ (1627年-1705)の伝記も書いた。博物画家のエリーザー・アルビン(Eleazar Albin)と共著で昆虫や鳥類の図鑑も出版した。


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    專家:硬盤(Hard disk drive)的正常損毀率為萬分之一

    Hard disk drive - Wikipedia


    A hard disk drive (HDD), hard disk, hard drive or fixed disk is a data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information using one or more rigid rapidly rotating disks (platters) coated with magnetic material. The platters are paired with magnetic heads, usually arranged on a moving actuator arm, which read and write data to the platter surfaces. Data is accessed in a random-access manner, meaning that individual blocks of data can be stored or retrieved ...

    History · ‎Technology · ‎Capacity · ‎Performance characteristics









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    "火星15"型導彈看來比今年7月兩次試射的"火星14"體積大得多。與合影上的北韓領導人金正恩(身高約1.70米)相比,顯然是個龐然大物。照片發表後,加州蒙特雷國際研究學院 防止核擴散研究中心的學者杜茨曼(Michael Duitsman)在推特上寫道:"這是一枚很大的導彈……我的意思不是對北韓來說很大。迄今只有少數幾個國家有能力製造如此型號的導彈,現在又多了一個北韓。"  體積是個關鍵因素,因為射程要達到美國的導彈必須裝載大量燃料。杜茨曼還推測,該新型導彈可能擁有不同於以前的助推器和經過改進的制導裝置。



    北韓稱,"火星15"型導彈能裝載"超重量"的核彈頭到達美國本土的任何目標。從照片上看,多彈頭運載器--即導彈前端的流線型部位--的確個頭不小。但裝載的彈頭越重,射程就越短。導彈專家埃勒曼(Michael Elleman)曾在霍普金斯大學國際研究所(SAIS)的北韓問題研究項目"北緯38度"網頁上傳文稱,"火星15"的射程如果為13000公裡,估計是在載重150公斤的情況下,而北韓有能力製造的任何一種核彈頭,重量都遠遠高於這個數字。但要想讓導彈到達美國西海岸,就必須把彈頭重量控制在500公斤以下。北韓是否能做到這一點,還是個未知數。"金正恩如果想打擊到美國西海岸,他的核彈頭重量就必須降到350公斤以下",埃勒曼說:"一枚600公斤重的核彈頭是打不到西雅圖的。"